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Christmas Décor, a professional holiday and event lighting company, was founded in Fargo in 1999 by Rod Glover.

Rod, a former Station Manager at the Fargo FedEx, took a leap of faith based on the research from a like market in Sioux Falls, SD.  Having known that market from living there and visiting with Christmas Décor, he was sure there was a demand for a service like that here.  After resigning from FedEx in early 1999, Rod started his first Christmas Décor franchise.  After learning the franchise system throughout mid-1999, it was time for implementing the action plan.

After going on his first sales call in the fall of 1999, Christmas Décor has expanded from a few dozen residential customers the first year to over 450 annual customers. We pride ourselves on customer service and quality products. A great customer experience is our goal.  We provide memories for the family that will last a lifetime and bring community pride, improved employee morale and increased visibility for commercial clients.

We still service our very first customer today, both on the residential and commercial sides.  We give the personal, individual consideration to each of our customers.  No demand is too big or too small.

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